After going through the stress and emotional upheaval of losing or damaging your jewellery, you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have the insurance cover you need.

The Jewelsure Repair and Replacement Insurance Policy

We have recognised a need for our members to be properly insured, as many of the insurance details that we are provided with prove to be inadequate or too restrictive. Due to our unique distribution and the group purchasing power of our members, we have been able to negotiate preferential terms and favourable rates and can offer you a comprehensive insurance product that provides you with the protection that you deserve.

The Insurance

The Jewelsure Repair and Replacement Insurance Policy offers:


  1. 24 hours per day, 365 days per year  cover,
  2. Worldwide protection,
  3. An excess of only $50.00 per claim,
  4. Repairing or replacing your item with like for like components,
  5. The ability to add additional items of jewellery to your Jewelsure Repair and Replacement Insurance Policy,
  6. Valuation protection, i.e. Jewelsure revalues all items on its system each month. If the value increases, you are covered during the policy period for the increased amount, and
  7. A simple and expedient claims service.

How does this differ from other similar insurance policies?

There are a number of differences between our policy and standard household policies or other jewellery insurance policies. For example:

  1. You may only be covered at home, or within the State that you live, or Australia,
    • Please note that even if you have global cover under your household policy, there is often a time period limitation for the time that you may be out of Australia, i.e. trips not lasting more than 14 days.
  2. You may have a limit on the value for each item – quite often the maximum limit is as low as $500 per item,
  3. You may have a limit on the value for your entire collection of jewellery – quite often the maximum limit is as low as $1,000 per collection,
  4. Applicable excesses are invariably $100, $250 or more,
  5. You may be forced to go to one of the insurer’s preferred suppliers – Jewelsure allows you to go to your preferred Jewelsure approved jeweller,
  6. Insurers suppliers may try and replace the precious metals or stones with inferior products in the event of a claim, and
  7. Cash offers from an insurer are invariably lower than the actual amount of the insurance.

The Insurer

QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited ABN 78 003 191 035 AFSL 239545 is a member of the QBE Insurance Group Limited ABN 28 008 485 014 (ASX: QBE). QBE Insurance Group is Australia’s largest international general insurance and reinsurance group, and one of the top 25 insurers and reinsurers worldwide.

The company has been operating in Australia since 1886 and continues to provide insurance solutions that are focused on the needs of policyholders.
QBE is a respected name in Australian insurance, backed by sizeable assets, and well known as a strong and financially secure organisation.


The Insurance Broker

Alliance Insurance Broking Services Pty Limited (ABN 77 095 376 882) was established in 1998, and is now one of the largest wholly Australian-owned insurance broking companies in Australia with a wide range of insurance broking services provided to a large and diverse number of clients – both individual and corporate.

Steve Warren is an Authorised Representative of Alliance Insurance Broking Services (AR No. 460284) and provides support for our product.

Should you have any queries, questions or require an insurance quotation for your item(s) of jewellery please contact Steve on either of the following:


Mob.:    0404 669 907

As an Authorised Representative of Alliance Insurance Brokering Services, Steve can also obtain quotes on any other insurance products that you may require assistance on, for example, your business insurance , household policy or collections, such as stamps or coins.

Please be advised that the information provided is to be regarded as general advice. Whilst we may have collected risk information, your personal objectives, needs or financial situations were not taken into account when preparing this information. We recommend that you consider the suitability of this general advice, in respect of your objectives, financial situation and needs before acting on it. You should obtain and consider the relevant product disclosure statement before making any decision to purchase this financial product.

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