Frequently Asked Questions

I have Home & Contents Insurance, why would I need your cover?

Most home & contents policies will only cover you for a loss within your home and have limits on the value of the items covered. For example, you might only be covered for $1,000 limit per item and a $4,000 total claim limit.

Can I use my jeweller to replace my jewellery when I have a claim?

Claim approval for replacement is issued to the jeweller who initiated your Jewelsure policy. If for any reason you do not want to return to that jeweller, you may select any approved Jewelsure jeweller. If your preferred jeweller is not on the Jewelsure list, they can join Jewelsure (subject to approval) and do your replacement.

What happens if the value of my jewellery has increased when I make a claim. Am I covered?

Providing your jewellery is listed with attributes on the Jewelsure system, your insured jewellery is constantly revalued during the term of your policy. If the value has increased at the time of a claim, you are covered for the value at that time. For example a $5,000 ring is insured and 10 months later the value has increased to $7,000 due to exchange rate fluctuation, gem price rises or other factors. You are covered to replace the $7,000 item.

Can I insure my jewellery collection?

You can insure any item of jewellery you own, new or old. Your jeweller can arrange insurance for new items before you leave the store and without the need to fill in complicated forms. Your older jewellery can be insured by having your jeweller record the value related details and adding these to your file.

Is there any restriction on the value of the items I can insure?

Any item from $1 to $50,000 can be immediately insured. Items from $50,000 to $100,000 can be insured on the basis that they must be worn, carried or locked in a safe when not being worn or carried. Items above $100,000 or collections above $150,000 can be insured after answering some questions for the representative Quantum Underwriting Agencies Pty Ltd. Quantum will speak directly with you to arrange high value coverage for these items.

If my diamond is damaged can I make a claim?

Yes you can. The policy covers loss, theft or damage. This includes damage to the gems in your jewellery item.

How much is the excess?

There is nil excess on your claim.

Is my information secure?

Your information and jewellery records are stored on a secure server located at NextDC Melbourne, Australia’s leading independent Data Centre OperatorAt NextDC all IT infrastructure is held in purpose built facilities which protect against external and environmental threats.

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